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Galvarex SA

Treatment and coating of metals

Galvarex SA

Beau-Site 8
2610 St-Imier
Surface finishing and plating to fulfil both metallurgical and cosmetic needs.

Chemical treatments and electrochemical son and continuous bands.

Chemical and electrochemical treatments for the watch industry, boxes and bracelets for decorative applications or techniques. For components of watch movements in the decorative and technical applications.

Development and production of new products in collaboration with our customers.

Galvarex SA is a small and flexible, dynamic and very flexible. The success achieved in continuous processing and in applications for the watch industry are evidence of our performance and our ingenuity.

Our products are intended for a large percentage of export in many countries in Europe and the rest of the world.

As a business we will develop and the qualities of each of our employees. A healthy work environment, a pleasant atmosphere and mutual respect we can look forward with confidence.

Special knowledge
Microtechnics. Surface treatments

DomainTreatment and coating of metals
Activities 2Cold drawing of bars
Activities 3Cold drawing of wire
Staff18 people
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