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François Studer SA

Treatment and coating of metals

François Studer SA

Chemin de la Source 2
2822 Courroux
Batchtype furnaces, continuous furnaces. Hardening, carburizing, carbonitriding under computer controlled atmosphere. Marquenching, martempering in salt bath. Induction hardening : high & middle frequency. Bright hardening, annealing of stainless & air hardening steels. Bright brazing, annealing, tempering. Gasnitriding, gas & salt bath nitrocarburizing Oxycad, black finish. Vacuum hardening of toolsteels. Blackening, shot peening, phosphatizing, trowalizing, straightening. Deep freezing, tempering. Solution heat treating, precipitation hardening. Process & product traceability. Process control. Metallurgical Lab analyse.

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DomainTreatment and coating of metals
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