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FLASA Filature de Laine Peignée d'Ajoie

Preparation and spinning of textile fibres

FLASA Filature de Laine Peignée d'Ajoie

Coin du Jonc 48
2942 Alle
With almost 70 years of experience in long staples spinning and textile material dyeing, FLASA is now a well known actor, in Europe and overseas, in the field of long staple spinning (worsted system).
Three generations have allowed the development of a durable high level of skill and competence, as shows the attribution of the ISO 9001 and 14001, Öko-tex Standard 100 certifications.
Our yarn range is always wider, in fashion, transportation, corporate wear, individual protection and filtration fields. From development up to finished products, a light but reactive organization ensures an optimal follow-up of our customers, weavers and knitters, who are located in more than 20 countries.

We produce yarns from wool, TEC wool, acrylic, FR acrylic, polyester, FR polyester, nylon, kermel, kevlar, twaron, technora, dyneema, antistatic fibres, metal fiber, viscose, FR viscose, polypropylene and chlorofiber.

Special knowledge
Long staple spinning

DomainPreparation and spinning of textile fibres
Activities 2Preparation and spinning of woollen- and worsted-type fibres
Activities 3Preparation and spinning of other textile fibres
Staff240 people
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