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Tavadec SA

Mechanical workshops

Tavadec SA

Rue du Quai 14
2710 Tavannes
Machines :
Nearly 100 TORNOS M4, M7, R10 and DECO 2000 Ø 10 mm cam machines of wich some are equipped with headstock stopping devices, screw head cutters or double back-drilling attachments, as well as a steadily increasing number of CNC machines. Poligoning.

Material machined :
- Coppers :all types of brass, bronze, nickel-silver, PS2, copper (C97 / C99), copper beryllium (thermally treated or not), ARCAP, etc.
- Steels : free-cutting steels (hardenable or not), stainless steel (4C27A, 1.4305, 1.4105), etc.
- Aluminiums : Decoltal 500, Anticorodal, Avional, etc.
- Synthetic materials : POM, teflon.

Applications :
Electronics, telephone, automobile, equipment industries, watchmaking (high quality).

Cam milling provider.
Calculation of the diagram. Tool position. Milling. Marking out. Hardening.

Special knowledge
Precision Micro turning

DomainMechanical workshops
Staff55 people
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