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Sarubin Abrasifs SA

Mechanical workshops

Sarubin Abrasifs SA

Rue de la Gare 17
2605 Sonceboz
Our company is active since 70 years in the manufacture of abrasive products. We offer best quality in this field (adherence to delivery times, quality controls, etc.). We are active on the world market. Our grinding wheels, are manufactured in accordance with your specific use and your personal inquiries.

Applications :
- material removal,
- polishing,
- grinding,
- reviving.

Special grinding wheels for the dental industry.

Diamonds and CBN grinding wheels. Advantages : reduction of the cutting force, reduction of the matter heating (burns), better surface quality, reduction of the faceting effect, good profile behaviour, increasing the trueing interval, reduction of the quality fluctuation, best G-RATIO = machining allowance / grinding wheels wearness.

We collaborate narrowly with our customers in the fields of mechanics, watch industry, jewellery, etc.

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Manufacturer of abrasive products

DomainMechanical workshops
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