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Robert Renaud SA

Mechanical workshops

Robert Renaud SA

Route de l'Europe 21
2017 Boudry
Robert Renaud SA is an innovative and high technology international company based in Boudry, Switzerland. Robert Renaud SA is a recognised leader in high precision spindles solutions, specialising in electro-spindles technology and applications that require fast, precise, and powerful rotation.

Robert Renaud SA has built a unique reputation as a pioneering and innovative company with a passion for achieving excellence in sophisticated technologies.

A spirit of cultural diversity, combined with effective concept-sharing, confidence in experimentation and initiativetaking, encourages talent and leads to successful solutions.

Since the company was founded in 1985 Robert Renaud SA has steadily evolved and expanded, and its continuous improvement has been recognised.

The company?s focus is on the spindles market, with the majority of its sales serving 20mm to 350mm diameter size applications.

Special knowledge
Manufacturer of high precision spindles

DomainMechanical workshops
Activities 2Machine-tools maintenance
Staff45 people

Jean-Jacques Ceccaldi

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Pierre-Alain Glauser

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Michel Heuri

Responsable des ventes
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Samuel Niclass

Responsable Bureau Technique
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Thomas Meier

Responsable S.A.V.
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