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Henri Schaller SA

Mechanical workshops

Henri Schaller SA

rue de la Fenatte 5
2854 Bassecourt
Precision mechanics : Turning, milling, drilling, cylindrical grinding and surface grinding, wire and cavity erosion, heat treatment.

Products for the watchmaking industry : Plastic and metal assemblies, spacer and holding rings, plastic sealing rings for housing bottoms and holders (SANFIL System). Watch housing bottoms, crimped, stamped, solid with medallion, swivel outside rings with latch, locking parts for wrist watch straps, glass seals and rings, wristwatch links.

Products for the electronics industry : Coil bodies, circuit board holders, gears, housings, printer parts.

Aerosol sprays : Regulating parts, cream dispensers, valve caps, spray pressure regulator for the aerosol industry (cosmetics, insecticides, paint, household products, etc.), nozzles for viscous products, creams, foams, with external closure.

Miscellaneous : price display blocks, watch displays, boxes.

Special knowledge
Plastic injection moulding. Precision mechanics, stamping, supply of parts for watches.

DomainMechanical workshops
Activities 2Manufacture of tools
Activities 3Manufacture of other plastic products
Staff50 people
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