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Delmet SA

Mechanical workshops

Delmet SA

Bellerive 23
2800 Delémont
Machining from 0 to 20 tons, dimensions 10'450 X 2'500 X 1'500 mm in only one tightening.

Equipments :
CNC miller, universal head, CNC dividing, store with 60 tools, 6 axes A-B-C-X-Y-Z, 4 simultaneous axes B-X-Y-Z. CNC reamer-miller, universal head, rotating table, 7 axes A-B-C-W-Y-Z, 4 simultaneous axes B-X-Y-Z. NC miller, rotating head, fixed bench, 3 axes X-Y-Z. CNC miller, universal head, store with 30 tools, 5 axes A-C-X-Y-Z, 3 simultaneous axes X-Y-Z.

Industrial painting : painting booth 4' 000 X 7' 000 X 3' 700 mm, permits us to paint all our manufactured parts.

Oxycutting : CNC oxycutting, 2 axes X-Y, 2 simultaneous axes, up to 300 mm thick.

Metalwork : steel, stainless steel, aluminium, welding TIG / MIG, machine bed plates manufacture up to 20 tons, bending up to 6' 000 mm in length.

Research and development : 3 engineers, 1 technician, 2 manufacturers, studies, developments, automation, hydraulic, pneumatic, electric and electronic prototype developpment.

Data processing : programming of our CNC machines with system Gibbs-3D in accordance with your plans and data. Direct connection with all machines, system DNC-Ethernet.

Special knowledge
Mechanics workshops. Presses and chisels ECLAIR

DomainMechanical workshops
Activities 2Locksmiths
Activities 3Manufacture of metal forming machinery
Staff37 people
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