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Rollier SA

Manufacture of tools

Rollier SA

Prés-Guëtins 36a
2520 La Neuveville
Rollier is a small family owned company which invests all its know-how in the manufacture of standard and "made to measure" precision cutting tools. This satisfies global demand for these types of requirements.

As a cutting tool manufacturer for more than 50 years, Rollier is also sensitive to new technological progresses. Thanks to its R&D department, specific solutions can be developed to cope with the very tight demands of the market.

For drilling :

ROLLIER has a wide standard product range, adapted to machine diverse materials.
Micro drills are available in increments from 0.01 mm, to Ø 0.10 mm.
Special drills such as step drills, spade drills and gun drills can also be manufactured with diameters inferior to 0.1 mm and represent an important part of the Rollier production.

For milling :

The standard programme is completed by specific geometries for machining of materials as diverse as stainless steels, cast iron and aluminium alloys.
Micro end mills are available from stock, in increments of 0.05 mm, starting at Ø 0.10 mm.
In addition to the endmills, Rollier offers a complete range of slitting saws and engraving tools.

For threading :

Rollier offers a large range of thread mills from stock.
In anticipation of the market, new tungsten carbide micro-taps (from S 0.30 with 0.08 thread) complete the programme.
These special tools can also be manufactured to design.

For turning-screw cutting :

With the introduction of the ARTDECO system, Rollier completes its programme for the turning and screw cutting industry.

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