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Humard Automation SA

Manufacture of other general-purpose machinery n.e...

Humard Automation SA

rue St-Randoald 6
2800 Delémont
Robots and palletizing
Roboter arm for loading and unloading activities, can be adapted to all CNC processing centers.

Technical data: 4 axis robots, 3 linear units and 1 positioning unit. Loading rate of 7 second per part with compressed air (without manufactured cycle).
Modular palletizing. The load capacity of the system part on pallet is 120 to 450 kg per elevator.

Hydraulics presses
The product assortment includes presses from 60 to 200 tons, high capacity, precision and silence of operation.
Plain language display simplifies the programming and can be memorized.
The machines are wired to receive any system of automatic loading/unloading and are equipped with differently safety, two extractors, cooling system and temperature sensor.
Offer high precision and their small dimensions allow an easy integration in all workshops.

Special machines
We ensure for you the development and the production of special machines in the field of automation.
Our experience and our specialized knowledge permit us, to develop innovating products meeting your specific needs.

Special knowledge
Design, development and manufacture of machines

DomainManufacture of other general-purpose machinery n.e.c.
Activities 2Manufacture of lifting and handling equipment
Activities 3Manufacture of other machine tools
Staff60 people
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