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Geiger SA

Manufacture of other general-purpose machinery n.e...

Geiger SA

Portstrasse 37
2555 Brügg bei Biel
In 2008, Geiger SA celebrates its 125th anniversary. At the beginning the company was mainly specializes in the import of specials oils and greases for the machine and automobile industry. Then for the purposes of the industry, more products have been integrated.
The company is well known for the quality of the drive systems OPTIBELT.
The product range has been constantly expanded with more articles : fire protection, work place security, lubricants and greases.
Geiger SA employs today, 12 persons highly competent and motivated in order to ensure the best customer service.

Work place security : Safety cabinets. Stainless steel cleaning containers. Transport and storage vessel. Fire prevention. Lubricant storage containers.

Industrial maintenance : OPTIBELT drive components and belt. Personal hygiene and cleaning products. Paper towels and drying systems, dispenders. Ground cleaning machines.

Ships/fluids Management : Industry oils, special oils and greases. MULTICUT ® (cutting oils, metal working oils, spraying technic, grinding oils, honing oils, dielektric oils). ZUBORA ® (coolants). MULTICOR ®. DIVINOL ®. Aspiration and filtration of fluids. Lubricants and solvents handling. Solvent regenerator.

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Industrial maintenance

DomainManufacture of other general-purpose machinery n.e.c.
Activities 2Repair of other equipment
Activities 3Cold drawing of wire
Staff12 people
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