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Manufacture of non-domestic cooling and ventilatio...


Avenue du Technicum 39
2400 Le Locle
Refrigeration : our standard CSW type or customised CPW water chillers and CSO and CPO oil units, our GH heat-exchangers and our CST stabilisers come as compact units ready for use. They are of simple manufacture and allow for effective cooling at a very competitive price. Our job is to guarantee the stable temperature of a process in the medical, chemical, foodstuffs or other industry. We are the first company to which machine-tool manufacturers turn when they need to have the temperature of their spindles, oil vats, electrical equipment boxes, etc. stabilised. We also cool furnaces, lasers and even automatic drink distributors. To meet the requirements of our many customers, our workshops manufacture our coolers paying particular attention to the ecological criteria of the modern age, reliability, and not forgetting competitiveness.

Special knowledge
Refrigeration, compressed air, vacuum, air conditioning, ventilation, metalwork

DomainManufacture of non-domestic cooling and ventilation equipment
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