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About us

Swissindustries is the virtual industrial exhibition of Swiss companies, which allows each exhibitor to present their products and get in touch permanently with partners around the world.


What we bring to you
  • 1.8 million yearly visitors
  • an international visibility in several languages 
  • a permanent exhibition of your products and your company that complete the traditional fairs and provide you a constant presence
  • the diffusion of your news through our monthly newsletter
  • quality of business contacts (62% of visitors are senior)
  • an optimization of your ranking on search engines ( links to your website )
  • free support and unlimited updates
Our visitors

Established since 2000, we are the pioneers in the field of virtual exhibition. With 1.8 million unique visitors each year, is the Swiss industry's most visited website.

Among our visitors :

  • 26 % come directly from our website
  • 74 % come through search engines queries
  • 59 % comes from purchasing department
Our position in comparaison of other portals
  • We are not a directory, but a permanent virtual exhibition
  • Each company is individually optimized and listed on search engines like Google, Yahoo 
  • We are an international platform :
    - 48 % of visitors comes from Europe
    - 33 % from US
    - 9 % from Asia
    - 10 % from Africa and Middle East
  • You can put an unlimited content per company and / or product
  • The entire content of your website (w. documents) is extracted and listed on our site by our last generation robot.
  • We present your products in several languages: English - French - German
  • We provide you an easy-to-remember address :
  • We listen to our customers and to our visitors, all suggestions are carefully reviewed to keep this exhibition as attractive as possible.
  • Our success is based on the clear, accurate and easily accessible content from our platform. That's why visitors and Google like our site
  • We present distinctly your company and products through an explicit and rich content, especially through photos, videos, descriptions, catalogs and technical brochures
  • We are very well referenced on Google. This can be very interesting for you in the context of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) as we provide several direct links to your Website.
  • Each exhibitor is also listed individually on the search engines. This creates a pool of links to our platform, increasing our position into the search engines. The marketing budget for the platform is also important and a single company would certainely not invest the same amount for his Website.


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