Zurcher Frères SA

Mechanical workshops

Zurcher Frères SA

Rte de Biaufond 8
2336 Les Bois
Zürcher Frères SA is a company specialized in the manufacture of precision parts in tungsten carbide and of undercutting.

We have efficient machinery and competitive second-operation lathes.

Our large experiment as well as ultramodern equipment permit us to answer the highest requirements.
We are able to manufacture most complicated parts in small or large series and in incomparable accuracy.
Our company answers your waitings as regards control, whether AQL or SPC.
Certification ISO 9001 in treatment.

Production of complicated parts from customer projects in tungsten, molybdenum, sintered stainless steel, etc.

Examples of our equipment :
Balzers furnaces. Meyer Press from 45 to 200 tons. Schäublin 220 lathes. Tornos multispindle lathes (2-17 mm). Agie, Charmilles, Sodick electro-erosion. Imoberdorf transfer machines.

Applications :
aeronautics, equipment, defence, automobil industry, connector industry, watch industry etc.

Special knowledge
Sintering and cutting

DomainMechanical workshops
Staff40 people
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